David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Come along, Bonds.

Couple of bits of James Bond news - firstly, I'd managed to forget that the new Bond novel by Jeffery Deaver is imminent - as in, comes out tomorrow (in the UK at least; looks like the US has to wait a couple more weeks). Well, I get paid on Friday, so - sorted. Kind of bizarre coincidence - when Sebastian Faulks' dreadful Bond novel was released, I was in Milton Keynes for a couple of days of training; and now I'm working here permanently.

The other news - all the John Gardner Bond novels are getting spanking new reissues - info here. Probably won't be getting most of them, as the only one I never managed to get originally was Cold, but I've got to admit the new covers do look rather nice. And some of my copies are falling to bits...
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