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Do you remember...the future?

'Cos either I'm misremembering, or Bob Gale is, 'cos across the various extras on the Back to the Future Blu-Ray set, Mr. Gale bemoans the fact that he was unhappy with Universal promoting BTTF II as a complete movie in its own right; he seems (although I could be misunderstanding) to be saying that they (Universal, that is) weren't mentioning that actually there were two sequels being shot back-to-back and that the story would be concluded in BTTF III...but my memory is that that was all fairly well known at the time II was released. Maybe it was just the sci-fi press that publicised that (Starburst and DWB?). But yeah, what he's saying doesn't seem to accord with my memories of the time. Just wondered how other people remember it..?

Oh, and if anyone's interested, I've now got an R1 DVD set of the Back to the Future trilogy going free to a caring home. I don't think it's got any extras that weren't eventually included on the R2 DVD releases, but it's got them all in one nice and shiny set. Leave a comment if you're interested. First come first served.

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