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Sunday 29th May 2011

Today was a bit nondescript, really. THe major bits I remember are having an argument with Sarah about rearranging the lounge, then Sarah rearranging the lounge anyway and setting up the Wii Balance Board. We both had a crack at Wii Fit after that, which was enjoyable, more so than Personal Trainer. Although we're both obese. Which isn't exactly news, but isn't terribly nice to know anyway.

Also Sarah fitted a button onto one of my shirts,as she's a better sewer than me, although she had a crack at teaching me how to do it for myself in future.

I was going to have roast chicken for lunch, but Sarah had put the chicken in the freezer, so I ended up having some more of the Young's "It's in the bag" haddock in wholegrain mustard butter. Which I like. A lot.

I can't remember anything else of the day's events, beyond that we had vague plans to make it out to a church service but (as is par for the course) didn't make it.

Oh, and I watched through quite a bit of the extras on the Back to the Future Blu-Ray discs. Which was enjoyable.
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