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Fic - In the night.

Title: In the night.
Author: davidbrider
Characters: Madame Vastra, Jenny, and originals.
Rating: G
Word Count: 304
Summary: Fighting crime is so much easier when you're a lizard with a sword.
Warnings: Features Madame Vastra and Jenny from A Good Man Goes To War. No plot spoilers.
Disclaimer: Sadly Doctor Who is the property of the BBC.

Timpson, one of the lowlifes of 1880s London, held his knife over the girl's heart, ready to plunge it deep into her; his other hand was clasped over her mouth, stifling her screams. The dirt was so ingrained into his hand, it just added to the torture for her.

"Just gimme your money," he growled, "you filthy stinking tart." He spat in her face. "Or I'll kill you here and now."

He was interrupted by a slight disturbance behind him. Steadily, he turned round, keeping the girl in front of him but shifting the knife to cover her throat.

"Who's that?" he challenged the darkness. "Show yourself! I'm not afraid to kill her."

Two figures emerged from the shadows. The first was dressed all in black, a hood over his head meaning that Timpson could not see his features. Behind him was another, a girl, smartly attired - dressed almost as a man. She had dark, long hair, and an elfin face. Timpson hazarded that she was barely out of her teens herself. Both man and girl held long swords in front of them.

The figure in front took another step forward, and slid the hood away from its face. Timpson gasped in shock, and almost dropped the knife. This was no man - it appeared to be some kind of reptile. And when it spoke, its voice had a female tone to it.

"I really wouldn't harm her, if you know what's good for you," she said simply. For a moment, all was still. Timpson knew that he might as well give up, but was reluctant to do so, despite being outnumbered.

The girl turned to the...well, the lizard.

"Go on, my lady," she said softly. "Give him the length of your tongue."

The lizard smiled. "Why, yes. I do believe I will."

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