David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

Sometimes fandom is wonderful...

...so not only was a Madame Vastra/Jenny community born just a little over 24 hours after A Good Man Goes To War aired, soon populated by fic, videos, and other fan work, but there's a Facebook group campaigning for a new series...and there's even a fansite about the spin-off series that doesn't even exist yet. Which looks awesome (although personally I wish it had taken a leaf out of greenpear's mock title sequence, because a spinoff that also featured David Morrissey as Jackson Lake and Pauline Collins as Queen Victoria would be exquisite). Personally, I've got some fic ideas which I want to work on when I've got the free time - mainly revolving around, how does Vastra get to be in Victorian London and what debt does she owe the Doctor? And also, trying to involve the nascent Torchwood somewhere in there...

Anyway, lizardladylove is the community, should you so desire.

I wonder if Steven Moffat knows what he's started?
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