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So, we've been living in Hemel Hempstead for nine months, and I'm still discovering new things about it. Like today I discovered that we have a CeX in the town centre. I suspect I may be going there on a fairly regular basis, armed with a copy of my Amazon wishlist. Today I picked up Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace on DVD, for £1:00 and £3:00 respectively. Admittedly that's the two-disc sets - I know CR at least is available in a three-disc set which I'd prefer, but at £1:00 I can't complain.

Been listening to a fair bit of Madonna lately. Started a couple of weeks back when someone on Twitter mentioned that she was listening to Electonic's Disappointed and I said that that song, along with Madonna's Cherish, are two songs I like to listen to a lot when I'm stupidly in love. So I thought I'd dig out my copy of The Immaculate Collection and listened to that in the car, only to discover that the version of Cherish on that is rather abbreviated. So I dug up my copy of the Like a Prayer album, but I've only got that on cassette, so I had to rely on a not 100% legitimate copy on CD in the car. But it reminded me what a great album it was. And then today I ripped the True Blue from vinyl to mp3, and was rather chuffed that it's survived 25 years fairly scratch free. I've come to the conclusion that when I've a bit more disposable income I might pick up a few of her 12" singles from that era (they're fairly cheap on eBay). I've also come to the conclusion that back when she was only moderately coontroversial, she was putting out some cracking good pop songs.

Lastly, been having fun playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii. On the negative side, I'm slightly miffed that I played through two faitly long levels on Free Play only to discover that I've still only got nine out of ten minikit canisters on each of them. On the positive side, I'll never get tired of stormtroopers and their ilk wandering around ineffectually pointing carrots at me when I've engaged the "Disarm Troopers" extra. *g* And then decided to watch Revenge of the Sith, which I really enjoyed. Although it is a bit gruesome at the end...

Yeah, a good day.

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