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Sunday 12th June 2011

Another fairly unproductive day, although I did spend a couple of hours this morning ripping Madonna's True Blue album from vinyl to mp3. I was quite happy with the results. Heck, I was quite happy that the album was in such good condition 25 years after I'd bought it (not sure why Now 7 is so particularly bad. There was one skip on the vinyl that I couldn't correct, but fortunately it was a very small part of music that - as far as I can tell - was just a duplicate of a bit a couple of bars before, so I was able to patch it in from the earlier section using Audacity. After a bit of tweaking to get the levels sounding good, it sounds good to my ears.

Apart from that, the only other thing of note today was Sarah and I going out. It was a shame it was raining - not, in all fairness, particularly heavily, but enough to make me wish I'd worn a coat, or at least a jumper. But anyway - we started off fuelling up the car, then popped into the town centre for, mainly, some browsing. At my insistence we went into Games Workshop, then Smith's and Waterstones. We stopped for a bit of lunch at Subway, before heading back to the car. En route we passed a branch of CeX, which I don't think I'd known existed in Hemel before, but recognised from the branch that's up in Sheffield. It's like a little treasure trove in there, loads of DVDs and video games and blu-rays. You're not necessarily guaranteed finding what you're after, but heck - I managed to get the two-disc sets of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, for £1:00 and £3:00 respectively. Okay, I'd've preferred the three-disc set of Casino Royale, but even so, £1:00 is not to be sneezed at.

After then, time for a grocery run to Tesco, before heading home where I again vegetated a bit. Enjoyed a bit of Lego Star Wars (although I managed to get through fairly long levels on Free Play, but had only collected nine of the ten minikit canisters in each; really not looking forward to doing them again just for the ones I'm missing...), and also finished watching Revenge of the Sith. Made a start on some of the extras, too.

All things considered, not a bad day.
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