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Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Today was mostly rather a good day, about the only bad thing being that at work I'd sort of committed to making some 'phone calls and was then faffing around doing nothing while I summoned up the courage to actually make them. And in many cases wimped out by sending faxes or emails instead.

Back home was a different story - just started to get into something approaching a routine as far as tidying up, washing up, and the various other daily tasks I set myself are conerned. I also cooked a proper meal this evening, cod in cheese & wholegrain mustard sauce. On the negative side this was kind of interrupted - I had the spare bedroom window open, and I realised that some bits of important paperwork had blown out of the window. Fortunately they'd landed on the dining room roof, but even so the only way I could think of to retrieve them involved dangling the hoover out of the window and getting hold of them that way (good job they didn't go all the way into the hoover, that would have been countrproductive).

Speaking of important paperwork - since it was from the doctor's - I 'phoned up the person at the surgery to confirm my appointments for counselling, so this Friday morning is a go. Hopefully - maybe I ought to check - the Citalopram prescription should be at the pharmacy.

As well as the tidying and washing (which included some clothes washing) I imported Now that's what I call music 7 side 3 into the computer. For that matter, I burned the first two sides to CD this morning and listened to them on the way to and from work, which was enjoyable. Although I still think it's slightly surreal, taking stuff that was released on vinyl 25 years ago, cleaning it up, putting it on CD, and then listening to it in a car - not to mention also on computer technology that didn't even exist 25 years ago...

Hey ho.
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