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Things that are making me happy right now.

  • Have started using Mixcraft to re-record some of my old songs. This is a bit of a distraction from things I really ought to be doing, but pleasant nevertheless.
  • Also, still gradually ripping my vinyl collection to mp3. Which is fun. Listening to old albums on CD in the car whilst pootling up the M1 is particularly pleasant. :o)
  • I get paid tomorrow - yay! Must try not to be so liberal with my spending immediately afterwards, though - last month I bought a lot in the first few days and that left me rather poor for the rest of the month...
  • Having a day of annual leave on Friday. Plan to spend it pottering around the house, getting a haircut, and having one of my fish soups, which I've not had for ages. Also might record some vocals for some of my songs, if I can get the instrumental tracks programmed by then.
  • Went out for a very pleasant afternoon yesterday to celebrate Rita (my mum-in-law)'s birthday at a pub/restaurant in Sarratt - sat outside in the glorious weather and had some nibbles whilst Michael played on the bouncy castle and Rachael evidently wanted to do so but is really a bit young for it. There was a blues/rock band playing in the bar area, and whilst they were possibly a bit too loud for the close confines, they were pretty good nevertheless, and I'm tempted to go back to hear some more - they'll apparently be there every Sunday afternoon. Oh, and when we were picking up Rita, I realised that my acoustic guitar was at her place, so I popped that in the back of the car. It will come in useful for the "recording my songs" thing, for those songs that include a guitar part at least...
  • This morning, Sarah's birthday present arrived. Well, the first of twelve. So to speak.
  • Started going for some counselling sessions, at long last.
  • On Friday week, new Torchwood starts. In the USA, at least - I don't think a UK airdate has been set yet. Hopefully won't be too long after the US transmissions...
  • Sarah's sponsored swim is on Saturday. Don't forget, if you'd like to sponsor her, you can do so here. On the negative side, it means being up fairly early for a drive to Stratford and a DLR to the Royal Victoria Docks, and also it means I most likely won't be making it to Pride this year, but even so, it should be good.
  • Am also hoping to see X-Men: First Class on Saturday evening. Am toying with taking my slash goggles with me, although from what I've heard I may not need to...
  • Have started being a bit more intentional about churchgoing - Sarah and I made it to Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church two Sundays running, and also to their Thursday night Bible study. We're starting to feel like we're part of the community. Which is nice.).
  • We've got my mum coming to visit on Sunday. Looking forward to that. Will be taking her for lunch to the same place we took Rita for mother's day.
  • I think I must have read about it on my Flist somewhere recently, but anyway, yesterday Sarah and I got chatting about Transformers: Hearts of Steel, and I'm thinking I might try to get hold of a copy, 'cos it looks really fascinating!

So that's the positives. The negatives are, by comparison, few and far between - still struggling with making 'phone calls (I just find it very very scary, it's something I've spoken to the counsellor about), occasionally looking at eBay listings for old synthesizers that I can't afford (although they're more affordable now than they were when they first came out...put it this way, the chance of me eventually owning a Yamaha SY85 increases with time...), still nowhere near as organised in life as I'd like to be, still occasionally obsessing about people who've upset me in the past (again something I'm hoping the counselling will help me to deal with properly)...

Life is good.


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