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Writer's Block: Showing your pride

What do you so strongly believe in that you would march in the streets to support, and why?

Well, the only public march I've been on was last year's Pride parade. Whether it's necessarily a cause to support as such, or something to take part in because of the sense of community and the happy carnival atmosphere, I'm not sure. I enjoyed it though, and am disappointed not to be going again this year. I'll hopefully be at next year's. Generally speaking, though, if there were a chance to join a march that was specifically campaigning for something LGBT rights-related (say, urging the government to introduce same-sex marriage legislation) I'd jump at the chance to take part.

I'd also probably consider going on an anti-war demonstration. I didn't go to the one immediately prior to the Iraq war (well, not to take part, although I was in London that day), but if there was another one, then if I could I probably would.
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