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So if that's his alt mode...

Pootling up the M1 to work today, I was passed by a Ford Focus which had a couple of Transformers logos - both the sort of "head" logo, and I think both were Bot logos, but it's possible one may have been a Decepticon one. One was a red on white near the passenger door, the other was a metallic one on the boot. Rather cheered me up seeing that little expression of fandom.

Even if it's not actually my fandom, but there y'go...

Speaking of which, TF07 is on the tellybox this week (I think it's on Channel 4) - Andrew Collins in the Radio Times has given it a good write-up and also does a piece on film-related merchandise in general. Unsurprisingly, Star Wars is, very much, king.

(Speaking of which...the massive Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon..? WANT. It's one of those times when I see a £300-ish price tag and think, "ooh, worth saving up for," instead of, "well, that's obviously too much for any sensible person...".)

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