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Blake's 7 (slight return)

http://www.bigfinish.com/news/Blakes-7-New-Audiobooks-and-Novels-in-2012-Big Finish will be releasing new Blake's 7 audiobooks and novels in 2012.

Shame it's audiobooks and not full on dramas. I mean, yes, Peter Tuddenham and David Jackson are no longer with us, but I'm sure it'd would be possible to work round that (in the case of Zen/Slave/Orac, to recast?). Still, it should be interesting. As for the novels, well - anything would be better than Afterlife. Well, anything with the possible exception of Avon - A Terrible Novel Aspect...

No writers announced yet, but...here's hoping for, in no particular order, Tanith Lee, Chris Boucher, Stephen Gallagher (not that he was ever involved in B7, but I suspect he'd do a pretty good B7 script and/or novel)...possibly Gareth Roberts, who ISTR is a B7 fan, and is a darned good writer IMO. lonemagpie would also be good.

And...what other media franchises would other folks like to see Big Finish start producing audio adventures for? I have some ideas - well, I had one in particular in mind, but I've just thought of a couple of others... Be interested to know what other people think...

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