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Figured I'd do this, as several other folks on my Flist have been doing it.

Day 1 - 10 Secrets. Admittedly, I honestly can't think of any major secrets, so this one could be interesting.

1.) Since it seems to be de rigeur to discuss sex, I'll start off by saying that I actually find the notion of sex itself to be a bit squicky. I sometimes wonder if, despite labelling myself as bisexual, I might actually be an asexual bi-romantic. But I don't know for definite.

2.) Despite that, Sarah and I are still fairly hopeful of having children, and often have discussions about what any children of ours might be called. I'm still a bit miffed that I could persuade her to consider Sam and Dean.

3.) Also despite 1., I have a couple of crushes on friends of mine.

4.) I'm fairly openminded and non-prudish about a lot of things, but swearing still shocks me.

5.) Despite being fairly liberal in my Christianity and in my politics, I'm a six-day creationist. I don't get into online arguments about it, though, mainly because I don't have the time.

6.) I once walked out of a shop with a bag of crisps I hadn't paid for. I soon ran back into the shop all apologetic. (I was about ten at the time).

7.) I used to collect Star Wars action figures, and even had one of the cardboard Death Star playsets. Unlike many other people, I only have myself to blame for the decision to get rid of them, and weep sometimes (well, okay, not literally) when I see the prices the things go for on eBay.

8.) My earliest vivid memory is of me and my sister at the family meal table begging to be excused so we could make it to the lounge to see Doctor Who, and making it in just in time to see the end of the first episode of The Ark in Space. I do, however, have a far more vague memory of being in a house that had pastel blue walls, half way up a flight of stairs that were a light coloured wood. I mentioned that memory to my mum once, and she couldn't remember us ever being anywhere like that. So whether it's a real memory, or a hopelessly confused memory, or some past life thing, I've no idea.

9.) The first thing I did when I was born was to pee all over the midwife.

10.) I used to say there was no way I'd ever own a mobile 'phone. Sarah persuaded me to change my mind on that one. But to be honest, when the iPhone was launched I just fell in love with the idea of it.

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