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Ten days of me - day 2

Day 2 - nine loves.

  1. Sarah. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sarah. My little huntingospray is absolutely wonderful to me, and I don't know where I'd be without her.

  2. My family. We occasionally have our ups and downs, but nine times out of ten they're great to me, and I really value them and appreciate them, and there are far too many times when I hear of people who not only don't get on with their families, but who have really bad relationships with their families, when I realise how damned lucky I am.

  3. My friends. Not singling out anybody in particular, but if you're reading this there's at least a chance that that includes you. Thank you for being awesome and sticking by me. It means a lot.

  4. Being fannish. I may not be terribly active in any of my fandoms (occasionally writing fic, less occasionally reading fic, sporadically thinking video x to song y would be a great idea but not getting any further than that, and taking part in conversations on LJ comms or internet forums), but when I do get fannish, I enjoy it. I have many happy memories of hanging around with other fans at the stage door after Pet Shop Boys concerts. Those were the days. I'm kind of hoping that next time they tour they'll play at venues that have easily locatable stage doors. i.e. not the O2 Arena.

  5. Doctor Who. I've been following it at least since I was 5, and I see no reason to stop now. It's just one of the most enjoyable, fun programmes on TV.

  6. Pet Shop Boys. Well, see number 4. They just make music that interests me and excites me and that I can vaguely move in time to and that I can get passionate about.

  7. Christmas. Or the festive season as a whole, really. There's just something about the feel of it. I've particularly loved past Christmasses when I've gone out carol singing, or gone to a midnight service. Christmas 1984, when the BBC transmitted The Box of Delights, was a particular favourite. Of course, now Christmas is spent being happily marred with Sarah. Who knows, in a couple of years time we might have a young offspring to share Christmas with as well, which will be exciting.

  8. Relaxing, chilling out, going for walks in the countryside. Admittedly that's mostly stuff I don't do enough of, but hopefully now that the summer's here I might get the opportunity.

  9. God, Jesus, the whole Christianity thing. As long as it's not the variety that takes issue with LGBT folks just for being themselves, or is generally narrowminded. These guys are doing a service as part of the Bourne Free Bournemouth Pride festival on Sunday. Which as I'm going to be in the area, I might try to pop along to. Back home, Sarah and I are settling in with these guys, which is good.

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