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#nowplaying - Buster OST

I think I've seen Buster - the film about Buster Edwards and his involvement in the Great Train Robbery - precisely once, about 20 years ago when it was on ITV. I'm sort of vaguely meaning to put that right (translation: I've put the DVD on my Amazon wishlist), but I've had the soundtrack (on tape, now on my iPod) for some years and am loving it. It's a lovely little blend - two main orchestral suites by Anne Dudley and a few little snippets dotted here and there, a clutch of '60s hits, and some contemporary ones - three Phil Collins tracks, and the Four Tops' rather divine (IMO) Loco in Acapulco.

'Tis a source of much enjoyment.

And I've just learned that Buster Edwards was robbed on his flower stall by Dexter Fletcher. O_O
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