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Last few days, next few days...

Feeling...not too bad lately. I was a bit down on Monday - I just put that down to the "comedown" effect from a nice weekend with friends away from home - but Tuesday and Wednesday at work were good - I quite often have a sort of sensation (which I associate with the depression) which I can best describe as lots and lots of jumbled up random thought bouncing off each other at random creating a heck of a lot of background noise in my head and making it rather difficult to focus on anything (such as, for example, the work I'm actually meant to be doing), but on Tuesday and Wednesday that was pretty much down to a minimum. Today's been pretty good too, so far.

Then yesterday, pretty much at the last notice, I decided to take the day off work, and - after driving Sarah out to the GP's - had a pleasant day pottering around the house, tidying and cleaning and washing up and stuff. Admittedly, I didn't do anywhere near as much as I could have done, but I feel very satisfied with what I did do, and am looking forward to doing more tonight, and indeed over the weekend. I think if I can get to the point where the kitchen looks vaguely respectable and less of a tip, I'll be a happy bunny.

I also did some chilling - reading more of Perceivers, and watching The Adjustment Bureau, which I picked up when it was going fairly cheap in Tesco the other week. It's very much my kind of film. Which reminds me, must get round to properly watching the Bourne films.

Then yesterday evening I cooked my dinner, and then cooked Sarah's dinner to be ready when she got home, and then we were able to make it out more or less on time to the church fellowship group/Bible study we've started meeting up with on Friday evenings, which was nice (last Thursday we went with them to a nearby carvery which was very pleasant and I think has to go on the "places to recommend to friends and family" list). Last night's was the last one before the summer break.

This weekend - and indeed next weekend and the one after that - Sarah and I have pretty much zero commitments, apart from hopefully morning services on the Sunday mornings. I hope to spend more time pottering around the house, and Sarah's said she's hoping to write some fic. There is also the possibility of investing in some weed killer and attacking the front drive. I mentioned to Sarah last night that I feel I'm becoming almost surprisingly domesticated. I think - and I've said this both to Sarah and my counsellor - there is part of me that hasn't quite cottoned on to the fact that actually, I'm in Hemel to stay - given that the fifteen months or so before we moved in were so all-over-the-place, I think I still (nine months in) expect us to be moving on at some point soon. Also, there's a part of me that still doesn't really want to grow up. I rather need to deal with that.

The other thing I plan to do tomorrow is to treat Sarah - taking her to see the "new" Transformers film. I'd also still like to see X-Men: First Class - yes, I know, I've been saying that since it came out, but it's still true. Especially since I learned that it's by the same creative team as Kick-Ass, which I loved. And I've realised from the Flist that Harry Potter VII b is out this weekend. I ought to see that at some point, but might try seeing Harry Potter VII a first...

Anyway. Yeah. Happy.

ETA: Of course, new Torchwood to properly watch too. And last night's Mock the Week.

ETA 2: And The Now Show tonight. And More4's showing Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story tomorrow, which could be interesting.

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