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Supermarkets are like comedy...

...it's all about the timing.

I was in the local Tesco a few weeks back, and they already had leaflets advertising their "back to school" range, despite it being at the point a while before the schools even broke up for summer. Now, just a week after most of them have broken up, the back to school stuff is all there - uniforms, set squares, you name it - and I'm just thinking, spare a thought for the poor kids? They're looking forward to six weeks of leisure, and if they go to the shops with their parents they see this reminder of what's awaiting them.

(All of which meant that the gardening stuff was now no longer on display having been declared "unseasonal". Which as I was rather specifically after some weedkiller, was a bit annoying...)

On which note, it probably shouldn't surprise me that, with a little under five months to go until Christmas, Selfridges and Harrods have already got their festive displays out. I mean, I don't want to sound like a Scrooge or something, 'cos I'm not - I love Christmas, I think it's a wonderful magical time of year, and if I don't get through a full series rewatch of The Box of Delights on Christmas Eve I shall be highly miffed, but...Christmas Day is December 25th. Whilst there's a lot of wisdom to spreading out the buying of the actual presents over an extended period of a few months, I think there's something about it being in the shops so early that cheapens it, sullies it. I wonder if this year can be the year that the British public actually does something about this practice - you know, a few petitions or letter-writing campaigns to the major offenders, the supermarkets, etc., just politely requesting that they keep specifically Christmas-related products off the shelves until December 1st. We know that Christmas is coming - it's the same date every year, for goodness' sake, and most of the specifically Christmas-related stuff we're probably not going to be buying until much nearer the time anyway...

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