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...I really want to see:

Cowboys & Aliens

Super 8 - saw the trailer before Transformers 3, and thought it looked pretty decent.

Still haven't seen X-Men: First Class. If it's still out in the cinemas I'd like to. If not, must pick up the DVD or Blu-Ray.

And, as I mentioned the other day, I'd like to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part II.

Am annoyed that I didn't already know that Going the Distance was already out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Loved it at the cinema, and would like to see it again. Oh well, one to add to the wish list.

At the shops on Sunday, I picked up Ratatouille on DVD for £7:00. I'd never properly seen it, just bits and bobs on the plane over to Thailand; I know I'd vaguely talked about taking Sarah to see it. Anyway, watched that on Sunday evening. Had a good laugh, and also I never fail to be impressed by good CGI.

Right now, though, my main ethical debate is: should I go to see The Smurfs? Part of me is saying no, but there's a little nagging voice saying, "go on, it could be fun...".

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