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With the usual apologies for Flist-spamming...

...but I'll stop now, honestly...

Was anybody else totally, utterly underwhelmed by Trollied? Anyone who actually watched it, I mean? The two episodes broadcast last Thursday made me laugh - actual, proper laugh as opposed to smile a bit at something vaguely amusing - precisely once, and that was at probably the crudest joke in the programme. I think maybe the mistake was to describe it as a sitcom, 'cos there's not much "sit" and very little actual "com". Pity, 'cos I love Jane Horrocks, and it was interesting to see Jason Watkins in it too. But as supermarket-based sitcoms go, this makes Tripper's Day look like a major classic of the genre...

(It's easy to knock Tripper's Day, but at least that made me laugh.)
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