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So last month, on pay day, I place an order with Forbidden Planet for the Doctor Who Monopoly set, and every so often a little slip'll come through the door from the postman saying, "tried to deliver, you were out," and I'll pop down to the sorting office and it'll just be whatever I've ordered from Amazon or won on eBay or whatever. Went over to the FP web site to check what's going on, and it says, "CANCELLED". Cancelled on the same day I ordered it, no less. Now, unless a finger slipped when I was ordering, I didn't cancel the order, and I don't recall getting any email notifying me of it being cancelled by FP, so...who did cancel it? I know the set is meant to be limited edition, but it's still up for order on the website. I'm going to check my latest statement and see if the money's gone through my account, and if it has, I may have to get a bit miffed. And if it hasn't, I might re-order. Perhaps.

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