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Musical musings

So, on the car on the way into work I was listening to The Firm's Star Trekkin', and two thoughts struck me.

Firstly, what the heck happened to The Firm? As far as I'm aware this, and their earlier Minder-related work Arthur Daley ('e's Alright), were the only occasions on which they graced the charts. I think that's a shame, as I genuinely wouldn't mind to hear more of their TV show-based novelty records - I suspect they'd have made a more interesting record about Doctor Who than The Timelords' "mash-up the theme tune with some old glam rock records and bung a few samples on top of it" Doctorin' the TARDIS. And having been listening to an extensive selection of late '90s number one singles as part of mine and Tim's "collect every number one ever" project, I'm convinced that there are some occasions on which the record-buying public just collectively decide to take the pee; there doesn't seem to be any other explanation for Spacedust's Gym and tonic, compared to which Star Trekkin' seems positively sane.

Secondly - it's been 24 years since Star Trekkin'. To put that in perspective, it made number one a few months before ST:TNG started in the USA, and some considerable time before it made it over to the UK. Aren't we due some new mixes? Star Trekkin': The Next Generation with all the parts updated for the new cast (Captain Jean-Luc Picard..."we come in peace...shoot to...erm, I mean: Make it so..."); Star Trekkin': Deep Space Nine, all string pads and dub basslines; Star Trekkin': Enterprise, in which the whole record is played backwards and still works better as a TV theme tune than some old tosh written by Diane Warren; and finally, a totally new re-working, Star Trekkin': The J J Abrams Version, sung by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as a romantic duet.

ETA: And no, I don't have a Star Trek userpic. Have a Star Cops one instead.

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