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One of those "I don't often do this sort of thing" posts...

Food recommendations.

If you like fish, and you're either a.) on a tight budget, b.) pressed for time, or c.) both, I can recommend these two rather scrummy fish products. Links are to the Tesco website, but other supermarkets are available (although the second product is a Tesco own).

Firstly, Young's "It's in the bag" haddock fillet. Microwave for 7½ minutes (or longer if, like ours, your microwave is on the fritz. That, however, is not the fault of the manufacturer of the fish product nor of the supermarket selling it), and hey presto, a nice substantial bit of haddock in a rather delicious wholegrain mustard and butter sauce. What's better is you get two bits in a £2:99 packet. Bargain or what?

Secondly, Tesco fish pie. I love fish pies, and often make my own (except that, well, they end up more soups than pies. But anyway). Quite often I'll start buying one regularly, and then after a few months the manufacturer will change the recipe, introducing garlic or onion into the mix. If you're like Sarah or Tim or my mum, you'll tell me, "oh you won't taste the garlic or onion" (in which case, why put it in there?), but honestly, I don't like garlic or onion and don't like eating food that contains either of them, and there it is (Nando's being an honourable exception, admittedly). So this wins. No garlic, no onion, just pollock in a cheese sauce with mashed potatoes on top. And like the haddock, it's a bit of a bargain - £2:10 a pack, or 3 for £5:00! For a while we managed to quite stock the fridge up with them (I was living off them, I swear), until the local Tesco Express sold out. Erm!

Anyway, both lovely, and I normally cook a tin of potatoes and a tin of peas to go with them (your taste in veg may differ). Not much time to prepare, not much washing up afterwards, and not much money spent.

This has been a public service announcement. Normal service will be resumed.

(ETA: My fish soup recipe.. Thank goodness I tagged it.)

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