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Oh, well *that's* not very exciting.

Depending on where one lives, the second wedding anniversary is either paper (UK) or cotton (US),. As Sarah and I are definitely in the UK, that makes ours (next Monday!) paper.

As it is, we're probably not going to do anything specifically for it until some time in October (we've discussed the possibility of a trip in the London Eye, which sounds like a nice idea - I've been up there before, many years ago, but Sarah's never been). Although there's a fish and chip supper at our church on Saturday the 24th. We can pretend that's an anniversary-ish night out.

Speaking of church, got a call from one of the worship leaders there who was preparing this Sunday (just gone)'s service, asking me if I could play the keyboard for the service. As that's something I've not done for a good many years, it was a bit nervewracking, but I coped okay - thanks in large part to Sarah. Thanks also to the fact that the church has a darned nice keyboard. I, erm, may have asked Sarah if, when she gets her bonus this year, she might possibly maybe think about treating me to one. But having just seen the price, it's doubtful! Still, I can dream...

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